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Wow – this has been an exciting week! We’ve managed to setup a really fast server setup process in our company. The result is faster delivery of a custom server to you than ever before!

Of course regular users have always been able to get instant access to our services upon sign-up. This was always one of our greatest assets and still is. It takes literally 2 minutes to sign up and start converting!

But now there’s good news for customers, who would like to have unlimited access to our services. We already offered custom services on request (and still do), but now we have added two standard umlimited packages to our portfolio:

  1. unmetered package
    With this package you will be set up on a server, which you share with a maximum of 4 other umetered accounts. You can choose between servers in Asia, Europe and the USA and you can have access within one business day and often within a few hours of receiving your request.
    Restrictions are only that you can not convert documents that take longer than 60secs to process and that you are competing for resources with other customers (if any). These servers run with 8 CPUs and can easily handle thousands of conversions a day.
  2. private server package
    With this package you will get your own VPS and subdomain on, where you will unlimited access to all our services. You can choose between servers in Asia, Europe and the USA.
    VPS requirements can be tailored to your needs as well as an SLA if needed. This package can also be delivered in one business day. For this package we can also discuss hosting in different locations than just the ones offered by our default hosting partner.

It still remains possible to add custom features and special requests. So hopefully you’ll find this addition just as exciting as we do!

If you have questions about these possibilities – send us an email!

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