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Next weekend we’re planning a server upgrade, which will bring us on Linode‘s NextGen architecture. Because of this there’s a planned service outage of 5-10 minutes on Saturday, July 6th on 6AM GMT. This is one of the most quiet moments for our service so hopefully nobody will be affected too much.

What does this mean for you?

Besides the fact that our service will not be reachable for a few minutes, this server upgrade will give you as a user even more power and performance. When you take into account that we are already running on an average of less than 10% CPU capacity and 5% of monthly bandwidth, then you know why you can trust that we are accommodated to huge bursts of activities on our service.

With this new upgrade we will get access to new high performance CPUs and we’ll also double the amount of RAM that we’re currently running. Especially the CPU power will be noticeable for users who run very CPU intensive conversions, e.g. of pages with a lot of images and/or lots of JavaScript. The extra RAM will allow us to run more of our hosted pages out of direct memory instead of from disk and that will improve your user experience when you’re surfing our site.

About Linode

We’ve been with Linode since october 2012 now and we have nothing but praise for them. They may not be the absolute cheapest provider out there, but they sure outperform all their competition in performance, support and stability. We have not had an unplanned outage since we are with them.

For this reason we recommend them to our power users, who would like to use our API or SDK in combination with a dedicated VPS. If you are interested in running huge amounts of conversions, then please contact us for a custom quote. Setup can be done in less than a day, since we can easily move our software from Linode to Linode.

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