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Recently we’ve been receiving more requests for a complete website to PDF conversion. These needs typically arise when companies want to have an archived version of their website or use a PDF as a catalogue version or due to other reasons.

Both our API and SDK have long been supporting this functionality, but we’ve never really explicitly written about it before. The reality is that you can use the merging functionality to easily accomplish this. Basically you just run each single page through the API or SDK consecutively and then follow that up with a merge command and you get your full PDF.

Since there are companies out there that don’t want the hassle of doing any coding themselves, we are currently in the process of automating this entirely. The process will allow you to send us a list of links or a sitemap, plus a specification of the page layout and we’ll then return you a link to the PDF for download. Since it can take quite a while for big websites, we will most likely offer this in a form where you will get the link over email once the process is ready.

If you have any wishes for this process yourself or if you want know more about the status of this implementation, then please reach out to us.

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