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Attention to all current and future subscribers: we’re switching to FastSpring as our new payment provider.

We had been with BlueSnap for a while now and – when it was still Plimus – were quite happy with the service and payment fees. Since the merger (or acquisition or whatever it was) things have been going downhill and on top of that BlueSnap changed the fee structure without properly informing us. Because of these things we have decided to take our business elsewhere.

How will this impact me?

Well first of all, if you’re not a customer yet – there’s no impact whatsoever. You can use the same signup process as always and we still take CreditCards and Paypal as payment methods. You can also still make custom deals and special plans for special services. Our business will continue to run undisturbed.

If you’re already a subscribing customer, then we will cancel your subscription at BlueSnap before the new term becomes due and we’ll enter your data in FastSpring. FastSpring will request you to enter your payment data in their system (because both providers are PCI compliant we do NOT have access to your payment data) and from there on it’s business as usual.

Your conversion service will continue to run at high-performance and will not suffer any glitches. If you notice anything strange at our payment or pricing pages, please let us know!

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