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Whenever you use our service to convert web pages or HTML to PDF, you will notice that the PDF is always downloaded from one of OUR subdomains e.g.

In case you’re using the API or the SDK, then this probably will not be an issue for you as you can store the PDF on your server and serve it to your end-users from there. But if you’re using the ‘save as PDF‘ functionality, you may not want your users to know that you’re using an external service – for reasons of your own.

For that reason we offer the ability (at a surcharge) to route your own subdomain to our servers. So if your website is at then you could route one of our serves or load balancers and we would make sure that you can then use a “save as PDF” link to instead of

This functionality was always available for customers with a private server, but now we will also offer it to customers with a regular subscription. Please note that we will quote an installation fee and maintenance fee for hosting your subdomain. Feel free to inquire for details!

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