Our ‘Save as PDF’ service lets your visitors save your web pages as PDF without leaving your website and with just a single click. You get to choose from a lot of different settings to optimize your conversion and make sure the PDF looks exactly the way YOU want it.

Just put a link like below on your webpage and if a visitor clicks on it we’ll display the PDF of that webpage!

<a href="https://www.htm2pdf.co.uk/display?url=YOUR_URL_HERE">Save this page as PDF</a>

You can convert any url you like (on your site) by setting it in the url parameter, where it says YOUR_URL_HERE in the above example.

If you always want the current page as PDF, then you can use a simple JavaScript link to do so. For example like this:

<a href="javascript:location.href='https://www.htm2pdf.co.uk/display?url=' + escape(location.href)">Save this page as PDF</a>

In our members area you’ll be able to set default page format, margins, header & footer etc. And you can also choose to set the defaults in the link on your web page. You just add the parameters you need to your link:

urlURL of the web page that you’d like have converted – this must be a URL on the same (sub-)domain and include the whole domain including the ‘https://’
Note: you need to URL encode the url if it has special characters (such as a query string with a ? and/or &/#) so that it arrives on our end properly.
filenameFilename for the PDF
pagesizeSet page size like A3, A4, Letter etc. Please refer to the list of allowed page sizes
orientationSpecify portrait or landscape orientation
widthCustom width of the PDF
heightCustom height of the PDF, if you specify the width, but not the height, then we fit the whole page into a one page PDF by auto-adjusting the height of the PDF.
leftLeft margin
rightRight margin
topTop margin
bottomBottom margin
unitUnit for size & margin settings. Can be ‘mm’ (millimeters), ‘in’ (inches) or ‘pt’ (points). We’ll use mm in case you don’t specify a unit.
cmtSet the CSS media type so you can influence better how your content is converted to PDF. We currently support the values print and screen. If you don’t specify one, we take the one you’ve set in the members area. The default there is screen.
See w3schools for more information on CSS media types.
linksEnable links in the PDF with the value on or disable links with the value off. The default is to enable links.

Note on measurements: in case you only specify a height then we’ll ignore it; In case you only specify a width we’ll assume you want a single page PDF. In case you specify one or more margins, but not all, we’ll assume the others to be 0.

Below are some examples that show you how you can use this link in real life. Give them a try – they work and show the power of this service!

DescriptionHTML code
Get a single page PDF<a href=”https://www.htm2pdf.co.uk/display?url=YOUR_URL_HERE&width=300″>Save as PDF</a>
Get the current page as PDF<a href=”javascript:location.href=’https://www.htm2pdf.co.uk/display?url=’ + escape(location.href)”>Save as PDF”</a>
Save with a specific filename<a href=”https://www.htm2pdf.co.uk/display?url=YOUR_URL_HERE&filename=saveaspdf.pdf”>Save as PDF</a>

We have servers in different continents to ensure low latency and high performance. You can choose to link to one of the following regional URLs:

DescriptionHTML code
European data center (London, UK)<a href=”https://europe.htm2pdf.co.uk/display?url=YOUR_URL_HERE”>Save as PDF</a>
USA data center (Atlanta, USA)<a href=”https://usa.htm2pdf.co.uk/display?url=YOUR_URL_HERE”>Save as PDF</a>

Bonus function
In case this is not enough you can also let your visitors display the web page ‘inline’ in the browser instead of as attachment. If you want to do this you change the default link to the one below. All other functions work for this link as well!

<a href="https://www.htm2pdf.co.uk/display/inline?url=YOUR_URL_HERE">Display as PDF inline!</a>

We have subscriptions for any number of sites and for low and high-traffic sites. If you want to try our service, Sign up!

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