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One of our popular services is the ‘save as PDF’ functionality. This allows you to add a link to your webpages that your visitors can click on and get a PDF of that particular webpage or any other webpage on the same (sub)domain.

The reason it’s so popular is that it allows website owners to have their visitors create PDFs that look exactly like their webpages. This is useful for sharing blog posts, brochures, but also more data oriented pages like reports, invoices or fact sheets. And it literally integrates in MINUTES! Yes, that’s minutes, not hours.

Let’s highlight the most important reasons for using this functionality:

  • your visitors can save webpages with just a single click in any web browser
  • OTHER WEBPAGES can be saved than just the one the visitor is looking at – this is useful in case you want to add/remove certain information or slightly adjust it to paper settings or what not
  • PDFs are created in high quality and rendered by webkit, which is the engine that supports major browsers like Safari and Chrome and supports HTML, CSS and JavaScript – so it’s truly WYSIWIG


Let’s look at the features of this functionality and how to invoke it. There’s basically two ways of fine-tuning the ‘save as PDF’ functionality (actually all of our services) i.e. – by setting defaults in the elaborate members area and by adding parameters in the call of the functionality.

Calling the functionality is very simple – you just add a link to to your website. When your visitors click it – we’ll send him the PDF and that’s it. And of course the members area is also designed to be very user friendly. Every setting can be configured in seconds.

If you want to know how to really set the settings and look at examples – please visit the save as PDF section. This post only explores the features and explains what they do and if you can use them as default or custom.

(Members area)
(With Parameter)
Webpage to convertcurrent pageyes – any URL on the same (sub)domain
Filenamecurrent URLyes – to any name you want
Page Formatyesyes
Single page PDFyesyes
JavaScriptyes + control delayno
Display Imagesyesno
Display Backgroundyes no
Offset Page numberyes no

We’re quite confident that this makes our “save to PDF” functionality the most comprehensive in the business. Especially the fact that you’re able to set so many defaults quickly and easily in the members area AND that you’re able to pass any URL on the same subdomain is what sets our service apart.

Add that to the great quality of conversion we deliver and we feel we are the creme de la creme!

Check out the full description or just sign up and have your link up in a few minutes from now!

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  1. Dan

    Note – we recently added the feature CSS media type, which can be triggered by adding cmt=print or cmt=screen to get the right content for the conversion.

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