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We are proudly announcing the launch of, our newest site that allows visitors of a webpage to save the webpage, WITH the form contents they filled-in, to PDF in a single click.

Why is this so special?

Well, normally a web service can only convert a webpage as-is, which means as you would see it when you would enter the address yourself for the first time. This is because the rendering engine visits the page from a separate server and therefore has no knowledge of the form contents a visitor just filled in.

So when a visitor clicks a link to a web service, all other web services will give them a PDF of that page without any of the content they just filled in. And of course – in varying levels of quality.

We are now the first web service that offers this kind of functionality and we make sure you can get this up and running in a matter of minutes – just like our other services. Have a look at the demo here!

How does it work?

By just adding a single line of JavaScript to your web page, and then a link to the web service of, you are up and running. This is explained at the pdfmyform How It Works page.

The JavaScript, that you include on your web page, sends the form data to our web service, when you click the link to our web service. In that way know how to convert the web page properly, as we now also have the form field contents. This sounds quite easy, but in reality it takes quite a bit of technical expertise to get this working reliable and fast.

Who needs this?

Well – quite frankly, quite a lot of people! Cause there’s a lot of need for PDFs with user content and normally you’d have to do quite a bit of server side coding to recreate the webpage with the content after submission and then you’d have to execute your own conversion as well. As if the conversion itself is not difficult enough!

Moreover – our service will work out of the box for ALL your forms. And when you modify the form – you don’t need to do anything! It will just keep churning away silently and reliably.

So for all your questionnaires, product configurations, sales quotes, survey forms, etc etc – go ahead and head over to – try it for free and sign up when you’re convinced!

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