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Right now we’re preparing a showcase of our PDF creation possibilities. The idea is to give a quick overview of all the possibilities that are different services offer through a gallery of PDFs.

At the moment we’re thinking of showing examples of the following:

  • page formats like A3, A4, Letter, custom page formats and single page PDF
  • page orientation (portrait vs landscape)
  • character set support (arabic, asian, cyrillic, western etc.)
  • CSS support
  • Javascript support
  • PDF encryption and password protection
  • watermarking and stamping

These are essentially the highlights of our different services. As you may be aware of most of these are included in all our services. Only the encryption and watermarking capabilities are reserved for the HTML to PDF API and SDK.

Please let us know if you have any special requests for the showcase. This can be a specific example of functionality (like page breaking or the use of margins or something), an example of a type of document (invoice, timesheet or whatever you’d like to see) or maybe your own URL?

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