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We’d like to think that our pages have lot of examples to work with. The SDK is fully explained and, since it’s a complete library, there’s no reason for you to write any code yourself when you use that.

The HTML to PDF API page also has plenty of code examples and we’d like to think we’re very complete in the amount of programming languages we give examples in. All the major languages such as Java, C#, PHP, Perl and many more are explained.

But now we’re calling out to you to contribute MASHUPs. We’re really looking forward to hear what kind of code you’ve written for yourself around our conversion service and how you’re using it. And not just for us, but also for all our other users!

If you have a mashup or maybe even a custom library or class to show for, then please send it over! Of course we’ll properly attribute your contribution and maybe we can even work out some contribution of our own in return!

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