We tried to be as complete as possible in our documentation throughout the site. If we didn’t succeed, please send us a message via the contact page.

What does your site do?
Our service helps people convert web pages or specific HTML code to PDF format.
You can convert any URL on the home page of our site, we moved the raw HTML to PDF conversion HERE.

Is your service free?

We do offer free HTML to PDF conversion, but we also have paid services. The paid services allow you to set your own page format, margins, header & footer, encryption, watermarking and much more.

We currently offer the following three different services:

  1. Save as PDF functionality – allow the visitors of your website to save your webpages to PDF with one click!
  2. HTML to PDF API – convert any URL to PDF in high quality and control the layout, encryption, watermarking and more. Support for all programming languages like C#, PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, VB.net, Perl etc.
  3. HTML to PDF SDK – this is our flagship product and is a HTML to PDF conversion library written in PHP. You will get complimentary use of the simple API as well and on top of that you can convert raw HTML, files and forms AND you will have more options to control.

If the info on our web site is not enough you may also want to contact us directly with your queries.

How is your performance?
We run one of the fastests – if not the fastest – HTML to PDF conversion services in the world. We have invested a lot of energy and money to optimize performance.

Also, for the paid services you can choose between servers in Europe (London) and the USA (Atlanta) to ensure low latency and optimum performance.
What kind of character sets does your service support?

We try to offer support for all (common) character sets out there. We know of people using Asian character sets (Chinese / Japanese / Korean etc.), Arabic character sets, Cyrillic character sets etc. etc. So we like to think we’re pretty complete.

Do your paid services offer PDF encryption, watermarking, standard page layouts, etc etc?

Our service offers the most complete package of options and the highest quality of PDF generation on the market. Here’s a short list of things we support:

  • Full CSS2 and quite some CSS3, including page-breaks, floats etc.
  • All standard page layouts (A4, letter, B0 etc.) as well as custom page dimensions
  • Fitting conversion content to one long single page PDF
  • Custom margins
  • Custom header and footer with page numbering, links etc.
  • Enabling/disabling of Javascript, images, backgrounds, grayscale etc.
  • PDF Encryption (only for the API & SDK )
  • PDF password protection (only for the API & SDK)
  • PDF document rights management such as print prevention, copy prevention etc. (only for the API & SDK)
  • Watermarking with an image (only for the API and SDK)
  • Watermarking with a text in a specific font (SDK only)
  • Support for your own stationary or (full) page background (API and SDK)
  • Support for merging of multiple conversions (API and SDK)

Can my website benefit for free from your service?

Yes, absolutely! Your users can easily convert your web pages to PDF, when you add a link to our site to your pages. The text ‘Save as PDF’ can be anything you want. Just by clicking on the link your users will be redirected to our site and we will copy the URL of the page they came from into our convert box.

Just put the following link on the web pages that you want your users to convert and we will take care of the rest!

[html light=”true”]<a href="http://www.htm2pdf.co.uk">Save this webpage as PDF</a>[/html]

Note that your visitors will see our website before they can download the PDF. If you don’t want that – try our paid services!

How does your website convert HTML into PDF?

Our conversion is based on webkit, which is an open source rendering engine and is thought to be one of the best – if not the best – tools to convert htm to pdf.

Can you convert all web pages into PDF or are there any restrictions?

There are certain limitations unfortunately. Sites that use framesets or Flash are excluded for example, as well as sites that use elaborate authorization & identification protocols. So if you’re logged in to a site (into a shopping cart, a mailbox or something like that) you want to convert you will most likely miss out, unless it’s a very elementary from of authorization.

I would like to know more about your paid services – where’s the info?

We have written extensive documentation on the ‘Save as PDF‘ functionality as well as the API and SDK for HTML to PDF conversion.
You can find it in the How it Works section.