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From time to time we get requests to offer custom services. Since these are only modestly advertised on the ‘plans page‘, I am taking the time here to explain some of them here.

We currently offer our three services in three different plans, which totals nine plans. For most of our users this is more than enough. In fact, 80-90% of our orders is for 6 of those plans only.

Still, the most requested custom service is to have a custom usage plan, albeit for a larger or smaller number of credits OR for a different time frame. Both are possible and we have applied both in the past. Some of the plans you could request are:

  • a yearly plan instead of a monthly plan (for the API or the SDK)
  • a plan with higher or lower usage
  • a prepaid number of credits for a longer period of time

All of those types of plans are available and have been offered and/or running in the past.

We can also offer more specific custom services than just these basic variations on usage and credit periods. These are usually a little bit more elaborate, because they would require us to do more custom work.

We can offer you:

  • one or more dedicated VPS systems to run your HTML to PDF conversion; this is very useful if you need a high volume of conversions and/or if you want private access only to the system;  We can deploy a VPS very quickly and will deploy it in the region closest to your website’s audience.
  • a server install of our software in case you have a Linux based server; this is useful if you want to own the software yourself and want to install it in a private network and manage it yourself.
  • html to pdf conversion consulting services; if you have custom jobs, want to know more about the requirements for high volume conversion or have any other specific assignment on HTML to PDF or PDF in general – you can hire us for consulting services.

Basically the above says ‘everything is possible for a price’. We encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have, cause there’s a high chance that we can do something for you. If we can’t we’ll definitely be able to help you in the right direction so it’s always a good chance to try!

Just as a friendly reminder – here is the overview of all our standard plans!

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