PDF Showcase coming!

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Right now we’re preparing a showcase of our PDF creation possibilities. The idea is to give a quick overview of all the possibilities that are different services offer through a gallery of PDFs. At the moment we’re thinking of showing examples of the following: page formats like A3, A4, Letter, custom page formats and single… Read more »

HTML to PDF SDK version 1.4 released

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A few weeks ago we released the newest version of the HTML to PDF SDK. In this post we’ll go into the new features that have been added in this version. Our PHP SDK already supported a plethora of functions like page formats, margins, encryption, password protection etc. The newest features that now have been… Read more »

Highcharts to PDF with Webkit

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Every now and then we like to dedicate a post to a little bug or quirk of our beautiful rendering engine that is webkit. Today we dedicate it to rendering charts from Highcharts.com. There are two problems that typically occur when people try to render charts from Highcharts with a renderer based on webkit: Thick… Read more »


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Converting HTML to PDF in C# is an easy task with our API. Today we’ll be going over the functions in this library and we’ll show you code examples in C# that help you turn HTML into PDF. Our HTML to PDF library works on any platform that has a HTTP connection and supports the… Read more »