Turning your entire website into one PDF

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Recently we’ve been receiving more requests for a complete website to PDF conversion. These needs typically arise when companies want to have an archived version of their website or use a PDF as a catalogue version or due to other reasons. Both our API and SDK have long been supporting this functionality, but we’ve never… Read more »

Last places on shared servers – available now!

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Some time ago (read about it here) we introduced shared server packages, which allowed for unlimited usage on a server that’s shared with other customers. This is sort of an intermediate package between the regular packages we offer and the private server packages, where you get a whole server to yourself – or even a… Read more »

Page Sizing

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All our services have always allowed you to define your own page size by using width and height parameters, or by setting a default page format in your members area. We have also made the parameters pagesize and orientation available to both the API as well as the save as PDF link. This will allow… Read more »

Posting raw HTML to the API

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Since the first time we rolled out the HTML to PDF API, it has been accepting POST as well as GET requests. But – in all our innocence – we always thought that people would find it easier to use a GET request. Simply because it’s so much more intuitive. We were obviously mistaken! Now… Read more »