Looking for web to PDF mashups!

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We’d like to think that our pages have lot of examples to work with. The SDK is fully explained and, since it’s a complete library, there’s no reason for you to write any code yourself when you use that. The HTML to PDF API page also has plenty of code examples and we’d like to… Read more »

Page Sizing

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All our services have always allowed you to define your own page size by using width and height parameters, or by setting a default page format in your members area. We have also made the parameters pagesize and orientation available to both the API as well as the save as PDF link. This will allow… Read more »

HTML to PDF API – examples

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In this post we’ll show you a list of examples of using the HTML to PDF API. Each of these examples is intended as addition to the documentation, that explains all options. The HTML to PDF API works in all programming languages. So you can invoke it in C#, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, VB.NET or… Read more »