PDF Showcase coming!

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Right now we’re preparing a showcase of our PDF creation possibilities. The idea is to give a quick overview of all the possibilities that are different services offer through a gallery of PDFs. At the moment we’re thinking of showing examples of the following: page formats like A3, A4, Letter, custom page formats and single… Read more »

Save as PDF – features of the one click PDF

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One of our popular services is the ‘save as PDF’ functionality. This allows you to add a link to your webpages that your visitors can click on and get a PDF of that particular webpage or any other webpage on the same (sub)domain. The reason it’s so popular is that it allows website owners to… Read more »


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As you may know we have two different ways of creating PDFs from your application – our HTML to PDF API and our HTML to PDF SDK.Since not everyone is so familiar with the terms API and SDK, we’ll try to explain them in this post and look at the differences. The term API is… Read more »